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It started with a simple idea: Make great coffee.

“Cap Cikgu” is the iconic brand that many distinguished customers have known for more than 30 years. The inspiration comes from the principle of the founder, Mr Chua Gi, “His teachers make a lasting impact in the life of him ”. He hopes to express gratitude to his mentor; thank the teacher for his encouragement and influence to Mr Chua.

Today, Heng Loong's brands include Cap Cikgu, Heng Loong and Penyu Kaw, which are popular in Johor, Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

Wellness has become a buzzy trend in recent years, only the unique taste and all-natural formula of traditional coffee will allow consumers to enjoy their favourite coffee and take care of their health. 


Founder of Heng Loong - Mr Chua Gi has more than 30 years of coffee production experience in the coffee industry.

In 2007, the company was formally established, and its "Cikgu" and "Heng Loong" brands were operated under the name of partner company Perniagaan Serbuk Kopi Dan Teh Heng Loong. In 2018, it was renamed Heng Loong Coffee Sdn Bhd.

Although Heng Loong is a family business model, under the management of Chua's sons. The company has diversified and production has gradually become more specialized. This is not just the power of the family but also based on the experience of many dedicated employees working together.

They have persistence and enthusiasm to make a great traditional coffee, not just focused on the company's growth.

They promise to promote their great tasting coffee brand- "CAP CIKGU" to the whole country and even the world, let more people know and taste the local Malaysian coffee.


guanyuwomen- 关于我们-about us-kopi ocapcikgu



    Grind size is a very important part of brewing great coffee. Too large of a grind and your coffee might come out weak, your coffee might come out bitter or sour if too small.


    It’s important to pay attention to the process here- to control the flavour of your coffee.

coffee cup with smoke

    The perfect cup demands freshness. Only fresh, high-quality beans that have been freshly ground, brewed, and consumed can meet the standard.


    Once the beans are nice and cool, packing in the bags after a good 12 hours of cooling time.


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